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20249 讚美精粹 - 20首讚美鋼琴曲集 20 Praise Classics for Piano

Glory Music 榮光傳道會

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作者:Bruce Greer/ 高 蔡 慧 君 等 譯 

出版社: 原 出 版 社:Maranatha!Music,1992 / 榮 光 出 版 社 中 文 


Song List:


As The Deer / Great Are You Lord w/Great Is They Name / Seek Ye First / In His Time / As We Gather w/The Steadfast Love of the Lord / I Love You Lord / Father I Adore You / Rock of My Salvation / Jesus Name Above All Names / Unto Thee O Lord / Psalm 5 / You Are My Hiding Place / He Is Our Peace / Open Our Eyes / Make Me A Servant / Behold What Manner of Love / Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty

內容-你是我藏身處/榮耀歸於你全能的神.齊來讚美救主/ 神掌王權.來同聲歌唱/如鹿渴慕/榮耀你名.主我愛你/ 來讓我們屈身敬拜/交託主.在主裡的時刻/耶和華所定的日子.祂使我喜樂/ 榮耀之主組曲/何等尊貴,我主/****中文有國語台語並列  









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